Coco peat

Coco fiber is a natural and ecological product that after being sieved, is washed to eliminate salinity and to get an optimum conductivity. Later it is compacted in blocks of 5 kg and briquettes of 650 gr. And as a novelty, the coco peat hydrated in 250 liters bales and 6.500 liters big-bags.


The coco fiber favors the root system and has the corresponding aeration to end up obtaining strong roots and without asphyxia. It provides an ideal substrate for cultivation of ornamental plant, vegetale and hydroponic culture.


Blocks of 5 kg (washed) and once hydrated gets 70-75 liters, to use alone or mixed with peat moss in a percentage depending of the plant's type.




 Briquettes of 650 gr (washed) and that once hydrated get 8-9 liters, to use alone or mixed with peat depending of plant's type.