Transport and logistics.

We have a logistics team with great experience in transport’s  organization to any place in the world. This allows us to deliver the product in a efficiently and affordably way, respecting the Incoterm and the customer preferences.


 40′HC Containers No. of B&B /pallet Nº of pallets in 40’HC Nº of B&B in  40’HC
6.000L 1 21 pallets 21
4.000L (black peat moss) 1 21 pallets 21
250L. 18 28 504
Trucks No. of B&B /pallet No. of paallets/truck Nº of B&B /truck
6000L. 1 24 palets 24
4.000L. (black peat moss) 1 21 21
250L 18 30 540