Flora Báltica SL was born in 2002 as a distributor of raw material for manufacturers of substrates and wholesalers in the gardening and nursery sector. Since then we have been expanding our products and our market that covers  the national territory and export.

Our two main business areas are peat (sphagnum) from the Baltic and more specifically from our Estonian associated peatlands and coco pith fiber (coco peat) from India and Sri Lanka. We also market Baltic pine bark in different calibers and red volcanic gravel.

Our personalized and the agility in the service and our logistics offering a continuous service throughout the year in trucks and maritime containers that deliver our products to the destination that our customers choose, are the added values of our company.

Our priorities:

  • Flexibility, offering a complete range of products in peat moss  and coco pest , in several  calibers and  different packaging.
  • Quality: the quality of our products is strictly controlled at source and based on standard CEN.
  • Internationality: The constant increase and expansion of our products is an indicator of their quality and development. Our main markest are Europena and Spanish and introducing ourselves to Asian  and the Middle East markets.

Chinese-European Economic Congress 2019

Our representative in China, Mr. Brais M. (second from left)