Wood Fiber

Wood Fiber

The focus of our corporate philosophy is the policy of sustainable raw materials.

For us, wood fiber is a real alternative that complements peat and coconut fiber.

In a special thermal-mechanical processing process, the wood chips are converted into structural fibers.

The fiber obtained is stable to nitrogen, with a soft earth color and, thanks to its low volumetric weight, an ideal additive for all kinds of substrates. The wood fiber as a complement to the peat serves the 100% BIO concept.

Product characteristics:

  • The quality guarantees a stable Nitrogen volume
  • No further impregnation is necessary due to the special process to which it is subjected.
  • No addition of mineral fertilizers
  • Structurally stable.
  • Unmatched drainage properties for optimal root health and aerated soils.
  • Coloration for an optically homogeneous substrate.
  • Low volume weight for light soils and substrates.


Big Bales (26 Pallets per truck.)