The peat moss (sphagnum) is an organic material, with a  dark brown color  and rich in carbon. It is formed by a spongy and light mass in which the vegetal components that originated it are still appreciated and some of its uses are as a substrate due to its water retention and aeration capacity.

It is an excellent horticultural material that is widely used in greenhouses, outdoor plant productions, mushroom industry, landscaping and retail substrates manufacturing.

Our company offers all types of Sphagnum peat moss directly from the Baltic (Estonia) :


High water retention, sponge the soil so that the roots can work better and high content in organic matter. Highly recommended for nurseries.

Fraction Packaging (EN 12580) Bulk density
0-6mm. 250L & 6.000L. 150kg/m3
0-20mm. 250L & 6.000L 150kg/m3
0-40mm. 250L & 6.000L 150kg/m3
10-40mm. 250L & 6.000L 150kg/m3


High water retention and very mineralized. Very suitable for the propagation of plants that require acid PH.


Fraction Packaging (EN 12580) Bulk density
0-6mm. 250L & 6.000L. 200kg/m3
0-20mm. 250L & 6.000L 200kg/m3
0-40mm. 250L & 6.000L 200kg/m3
10-40mm. 250L & 6.000L 200kg/m3



It is  formed in low areas, rich in bases (therefore with a higher pH) and are more decomposed so its color is darker. It is very popular among producers of mushrooms for the coverage of this crop and highly recommended for seedlings.

Fraction Packaging (EN 12580) Bulk density
0-20mm. 4.000L. 300kg/m3